War of the Words Description Practice and perfect your typing skills! Fifteen levels extreme typing! Instructions Follow
Prof Description Répondez aux questions de Prof pour obtenir le max de points ! Answer to the questions to get a max of points ! Instructions Jouez avec la souris. Play with the mouse. [...]
Find Color Box Description Just Find Color Box Instructions Follow
Ancient Code 2 Description Learn the very basic knowledge you need to read and write Chinese with this memory game! An essential tool for beginners, a fun refresher for more advanced learners, th [...]
Brick Sky-to-Black (Mochigames Edition) Description A breakout styled game with smiley faces on all sprites, get ready to bust our love! Instructions Use your mouse to control your ball, watch out do not get out your bal [...]
Bear Painting Description Bear paint Instructions Follow
Picnic with Friends Description How about a frisky picnic with our DoliDoli friends? Join the incredible fun and excitement in this skills, addictive game where you get the chance to spend time with a [...]
Popcorn Mania Description New funny popcorn cooking game. It’s movie night and the crowd are hungry for popcorn! Your task is to serve them quickly before the movie start! Instructions Ope [...]
Yin Yang Puppy and Kitty Coloring Game Description Color up the lovely scenes of a puppy and kitty playing in harmony. Instructions Use the brush shape mouse cursor to color the scene. Follow
Nino's Adventure in Space Description Nino ‘s adventure in space is a platform game where you get to learn a little bit about space. This is done by answering questions throughout the game in order to unloc [...]
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