Board Game

守护与吞噬【中文版】 Description 未来的天师大人,为了守护村庄,敞开肚皮,吃掉所有的鬼怪吧!! Instructions 【移动方式】移动鼠标来控制位置,但是只能在蓝色方框范围内移动 【暂停/恢复】键盘“P”按键 【第一个主动技能】点击鼠标左键释放(火球或者黑洞) 【第二个主动技能】空格键释放(群体减速或者呼唤太阳) Follow [...]
My Racer - 1 Description Your mission is to be the fastest pilot in this crazy rally! Use the arrows to navigate your car and don’t use the brakes, just be the first! The game is publishe [...]
Keak out Description Dedicated to all “break-out” true fans. This game adds another axis to ball defense and includes some sudden gameplay tweaks, making this adventure 4x more [...]
RoboSmile Description Using your “Mouse”, Catch the Falling Bomb Balls and Put them in the moving “box”,… to keep Robosmile Smiling.!!, :),… Instructions [...]
Zoptirik Policeman Biker Description Zoptirik adventures continues with police bike. Zoptirik is now a policeman and riding his bike. The unstable road and obstacles will not avoid him following the gangst [...]
Zoptirik Police Jeep Description Zoptirik switch to police jeep after his police bike ride. The police jeep powered by a stong motor to drive over the mountain and obstacles.Zoptirik will drive this po [...]
让兔子跳一会儿 Description 兔子会跟随鼠标运动,碰到云朵或金银财宝会跳高一次,看谁坚持的时间长,看谁获得积分高。兔年行大运,Happy兔Year! Instructions Follow [...]
Wack A Mole Description Wack a mole game, Wack the moles, but not the diglet. Instructions Wack the moles. Not the diglets Follow
Donut Empire Description Donuts! Donuts! Make a killing in the donut world! Run your donut business, upgrade you store, create tasty donuts, keep your customers happy, watch the weather and sel [...]
Gomoku Description Gomoku is a traditional oriental board game. The objective of the game is to get five stones in a row, whether in a straight line, horizontally, or diagonally. You can [...]
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